The Python Online Course (FREE)
for Data Science

Start your successful Data Science career with: 

Learning Python for Data Science, Machine Learning.

You’ve heard about terms such as data science, machine learning tossed around. You might also know it is a popular field.

And YES, data science provides a good career/job. 

With data science skills such as Python, you have a higher chance of finding a job with:

  • above-average salaries.
  • high job satisfaction.
  • many different career paths to choose from.
And that’s also in-demand by companies in the foreseeable future. 

I want to start learning data science. But where should I start?

How do I break into a data science career?

With the popularity of data science, there are so many relevant online resources. 
While you have a busy schedule, you can certainly use our help to break into data science!

Python is the most in-demand data science skill by employers. Check out What are the In-Demand Skills for Data Scientists in 2020.

We recommend it as the first skill to learn for data science. So we prepared this Python crash course to help you start your journey towards a successful data science career!

The course is beginner-friendly that covers all the basics you need to start data science.

Learning Python for data science is the 1st step to break into data science!

Stop wasting time searching.

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Python Crash Course Outline

We’ll be sending you 6 emails/lessons every other day starting from the day after you sign up.

All of the lessons will be in video format. Each video is around 10-20 minutes only.
You can watch it anytime you want. Learn at your own pace!

1: Install Python and set up your Data Science environment
2: Overview of Data Types, Numeric, Define Variables
3: Strings, Common Functions and Methods
4: Main Data Structures, Booleans
5: if-elif-else, for loops, while loops
6: Define Functions, Use Packages

By the end of this course… You’ll be able to:

Invest (time since it is FREE) by learning Python now for your future!

What You'll Learn

With Bite-sized, easy-to-digest videos.

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who wants to learn to program for the first time.
  • Anyone who is pursuing a career in data science.

No Prior Knowledge Needed

This course assumes you know nothing about data science, Python, or any other programming languages.
All you need is your computer!

Your Instructors

Just into Data science Lianne Justin python

Lianne & Justin

Hi! Both Lianne and Justin are data scientists with 5+ years of experience. 
We’ve been working in various data science industries such as banks, big data technologies, marketing. We also have solid educational backgrounds in both computer science and statistics, which are the foundations of data science.

We started Just into Data blog and have been posting articles on websites such as Towards Data Science and Hacker Noon (links to example articles).
We believe data science should be fun and accessible to everyone. So we are passionate about helping more people launch their data science careers.

Start your Data Science journey Today!
By Learning Python with this FREE online course.

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