SQL Tutorial for Beginners Learn SQL for Data Analysis from zero to hero superman

SQL Tutorial for Beginners: Learn SQL for Data Analysis
 From zero to HERO

This is an ultimate SQL tutorial to learn SQL for data analysis (from beginner to advanced), with examples for practice.

Following this tutorial, you’ll discover:
– How to learn SQL on a sample database on SQL server, for FREE.
– How to write SELECT statements (all you need to know), SQL joins.
– How to write advanced SQL subqueries, window functions.

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How to Download and Install SQL Server and Sample Database: Step-by-Step
 Start Learning SQL by setting up a Professional Environment

This is a complete tutorial to download and install a FREE SQL server environment, which is the best way to learn SQL.
Following this guide, you can:
– get your FAQs of SQL answered.
– download and setup Microsoft SQL Server, one of the most popular relational databases on Windows OS.
– install sample database AdventureWorks for practice with real professional simulation.
Whether you want to land those data science jobs successfully or just see how SQL is, setup the SQL environment and start learning!

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How to Learn Data Science Online: ALL You Need to Know
 Python, SQL, Machine Learning, Portfolios plus other Online resources

This is a complete roadmap/curriculum of getting into data science with online resources.

Whether you want to learn for free or more efficiently, this guide will walk you through the step-by-step process that’ll put you on the right path. We’ll talk about skills, online courses, books, and other resources.

You’ll discover:

– the basics of data science (Python, SQL, Machine Learning/Statistics) and How to learn them.
– Why and How to build a data science portfolio.
– other tips/resources to dive into the world of data science.
Start your data science journey today!

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Learn Python for Data Analysis

with a practical online course

lectures + projects

based on real-world datasets

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